Why Us

Why Outsourcing?

Focus on Your Core Business

It’s time to let go of the tasks which slow you down. Free up your workforce to do the tasks they were meant to do. Work smarter.

Access remote offshore talent

Say goodbye to local skills shortages which hinder your progress. Instead, say hello to high-calibre, experienced and qualified talent.

Save costs but add value

Benefit from the natural cost-benefits of using offshore talent without sacrificing quality, expertise or efficiency.

Why Outsourcing to Indonesia?

Intense government focus on IT sector

Talent here is impressive. Why? Because the Indonesian government is committed to developing a world-class IT and communications sector through education, investment and support.

It’s a leading outsourcing destination

Indonesia is in the Top 5 of IT outsourcing destinations according to ceoworld.biz. Talent here is high-calibre, flexible, English-speaking and highly available due to lack of appropriate local positions.

The choice of talent is growing

With a young population and a drive to develop the IT sector, more and more qualified graduates are becoming available each year. There’s real choice and real talent. You just need to access it.

How are we different?

We’ve seen the problems small and medium European businesses face. One solution is in grasping freelance talent. However, this fails because it becomes another hurdle with too many complications. All too often you receive sub-par talent which is not committed and difficult to manage.

We’ve radically transformed how you can access global talent. The results is stability, dedication and cost-effectiveness.

Stimulink is how to outsource effectively, in a way which really works.

Candidates: Why Work for Us?

We offer exceptional opportunities for Indonesian IT and Personal Assistant talent. Join a supportive, dedicated service that opens up your future career development.

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